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On the Phone


With a passion for our country and the desire to simplify things for those wishing to share our love for all things Indonesian, we created the first, and still the only, mobile application available both internationally and domestically which helps YOU connect with Indonesia.


From a range of visa options to airport escort services and more, we take away the countless emails and WhatsApp messages, bringing you a streamlined interface where with just a couple taps of the screen, you can rest easy knowing we'll look after you.


We pride ourselves in effective communication and speedy turnarounds, helping those onshore extend their visas, and those abroad apply for them.
We make sure arriving and departing from Indonesia is smooth with our fleet of spacious transfer cars, and by offering our VIP airport escorts to push you through all the waiting and queues at the airport.










Available on both iOS and Android, visiting and living in Indonesia has never been easier. Our app takes away all the fuss and you can track any of the services you engage with us in real time.

Prefer speaking to a real human? Don't worry, our dedicated team are behind all the screens here at Aeroconnect and are just as happy to assist you via email, phone or in person.

Download the app today, and change your life.


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