Airport Butler

An absolutely essential service that we provide is the use of our Airport Butlers. Indonesia's airports can be busy and arduous to navigate, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic with the added checkpoints to pass and documents needed to enter.

By using our Airport Butlers, you'll be greeted the moment you step out of the plane, all your necessary documents will have already been filled out, and you will not need to wait in any queue, instead being brought to the front for ease of travel and time efficiency. It is particularly useful if you have connecting flights.

Indonesian airports can be a maze to navigate due to hustle and bustle of the sheer amount of people coming in and out of the country, and now with even more checkpoints and documents needed to enter, the hassle can be all too tiring. Now you can take the airport fast track where there’s no more rushing to gates, no more lifting heavy bags, no more queues!

With the Aeroconnect App you will be greeted by your airport butler the minute you hop off the plane to your final destination, may it be a connecting flight or the exit of Bali airport or Jogja airport.  Feel like an airport VIP now with the airport butler service!

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