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You can search for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this page. If you don’t find your answers here, you can contact our Customer Service via email or you can reach DOKU Wallet Contact Center at 1500073 and email for wallet transaction related questions. ​


Thank you.

What is AeroConnect?

AeroConnect is an app that provides you with integrated transportation and tourism services.


What are the integrated transportation and tourism services?

For transportation, we provide wide range of services: order Car On Demand, Rent Car, Airport Transfer to Shuttle. When it comes to tourism, we have various tour packages, Visa/KITAS services, Airport VIP services. You can also buy mobile phone credit, internet package and make QR Payment.

How do I access these services?

You can choose the services that you need in the AeroConnect app dashboard. Then you then follow the in-app instructions to move forward.

I'm not comfortable carrying a lot of cash, is that okay?

Don’t worry, AeroConnect is partnered with leading Wallets in Indonesia for easy and secure non-cash payments. We also have QR Payment integrated with the QRIS of Bank of Indonesia.

I am a foreigner and wish to purchase the Visa/KITAS services, how do I pay?

We accept payment through PayPal and Bank Transfer by SWIFTCODE for Visa/KITAS services, so you can pay in your foreign currency.

How can I monitor the progress/status of my Visa/KITAS documents?

AeroConnect have the tracking status for Visa/KITAS services, even more, we offer you trusted courier services for documents pick-up and delivery which you can track in the App.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?

Not all AeroConnect’s services are cancellable or refundable. Please read the T&C in every service carefully before make your booking and payment.

I'm having an issue, where do I file a complaint about my transactions?

All issues and complaints are to be reported via email . Please provide us with the detail of your problem or complaint so we can give you the right solution in a timely manner. Please update you App regularty for better convenience and ease of use.

Can I join AeroConnect as a transportation or tourism partner?

If you have vehicle and valid driving license, car rental business or you are a tourism industry player, you can send us email We will arrange a meeting with you. #LetsGrowTogether

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