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Mobile Application

Everything you ever wanted to do in Indonesia is now all possible through the simple prompts of our app, a first in the industry. Whether you want to apply for a visa, organise a tour, get VIP priority at the AirPort or set up a company, we have your back.

Gone are the days of waiting in offices or misunderstandings through emails. Aerconnect.app is synchronised to allow for the least effort possible on your side and still give you the best results. Available on iOS and Android devices, you can now access what you need anytime, anywhere.

Easy Payment Options

No more bank transfers or cash handling.

AeroConnect works on a totally cashless basis with all payments able to be made in-app using a variety of payment options. Feel safe knowing your payment won't get lost on the way, instead it'll be directed straight to the service you require.

Organic Value System

Quality of services. This is our core, and we continually work on innovating to ensure customers get the best experiences while using our services.

Local Wisdom. We believe that when it comes to tourism, no-one knows better than the locals. With our grass-roots approach to providing our customers only the best, we work closely with those on the ground.

We care about the local communities and invite them to join our team, as well as enable them to compete and grow in the digital landscape.

Minimum waste. This has always been our priority, minimising unesscesary use of paper documents and partnering with those who reflect our beliefs in little to no plastic.

We care about our environment, and we treat our business the way we treat the Earth.

It's not a Super App, its a Super Ecosystem

AeroConnect believes that no one can live and strive on their own.

Therefore, it's never been our mission to create a "Super App". We created a Super Ecosystem instead, enabling our partners access to the latest in technological solutions and data driven insights applicable to their respective businesses.

As mentioned in our Organic Value System, we appreciate the locals, and encourage them to grow together in this ecosystem.

AeroConnect provides a one stop solution with easy integration and welcomes likeminded individuals and businesses who are committed to providing the highest levels of service to their customers, to grow with us in our ecosystem. 

Our Kiosks

Our Kiosks are public facing service devices which contain our AeroConnect App. It enables companies to engage potential customers by allowing members of the public to utelise the services without having to download the app on their mobile device.

Kiosks  can be placed in strategic public venues such as airports, railway stations, hotels and malls.

Multiple payment options are available at the payment counter including cash, debit/credit cards, DOKU Wallet and QRIS.

Security Standards

The AeroConnect App has undergone an IT Security Audit which was conducted using Penetrating Testing in compliance with the Top 10 Standard of OWASP Mobile Application 2016 and OWASP Web Application 2017. Infrustructure Security is in compliance with the Tenable Network Security standard.

We have also met the requirements of Management Governance for Information Security in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 2013 standards.


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