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Your Guide to Indonesia: An easy, comfortable and smooth ride with AeroConnect

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

If you’re looking to visit this remarkable archipelago with its rich heritage, culture and flora & fauna, you’ve got to start by choosing the right online visa, transport and airport buttler (for extra smooth sailing)! From accumulating documents and signing paperwork to rushing to and fro embassies, the hassle is endless at best, but that stops today because there’s an easy way to get visas in bali and that’s through our app!

So here’s your guide to visit to Bali!

With even more checkpoints and documentation necessary to enter, the hassle can be overwhelming but with the Aeroconnect app we can help your journey!

Indonesia Social Visa

This visa allows you to remain in Bali for 60 days, with four 30-day extensions available, taking your total stay to 180 days. A lot of people ask how they can get their stay permits in bali or Kitas/Kitap, apply for an

Indonesia Business Visa

This multiple entry visa allows you to enter and exit Indonesia as much as you want during the visa period. This visa is valid for one year, but each stay is limited to 60 days, so you must leave Indonesia every 60 days but can return afterwards. To leave and re-enter the country, no other visa or document is necessary.

Working Visa (Kitas)

This visa is required to work in Indonesia; However, thanks to AeroConnect, you can begin to setup a business in bali right away! Depending on the work status, these visas will last anywhere from six to twelve months.

Indonesian Spouse Visa (Kitas)

You won't have to move an inch from your couch with our fast, easy, and simple app! If you are married to an Indonesian, this is the ideal visa for you. After two years of marriage, you can apply for a permanent residency visa (KITAP) via this kitas.

Indonesian Investor Visa (Kitas)

Do you want to visit Indonesia but are put off by the difficulties of obtaining a visa? So don't worry, we've got you covered! With an Investor KITAS, international investors will no longer be expected to pay a hefty fee of USD 1,200 per year. When we do the job for you, you won't have to drive back and forth between embassies. You supply the papers, and we'll take care of the rest!

Family Visa (Kitas)

Family comes first, and we couldn't agree with you more! Allow us to assist you in beginning your family's stay in Indonesia. This Kitas is valid for 5 years and refers to those who are legally married to an Indonesian citizen and their close relatives (with mandatory annual renewal).

► Get your Visa’s or Kitas’ now!

Airport Butler

Due to Indonesian airports can be a maze to navigate, and now with even more checkpoints and documentation required to enter, the hassle can be exhausting. You can now use our airport express lane, which means no more running to exits, carrying heavy bags, or waiting in lines! With the Aeroconnect App, enjoy the first airport butler in bali that will welcome you as soon as you step off the plane to your final destination, whether it's a connecting flight or the exit of Bali or Jogja airports. With the airport butler service, you'll feel like a VIP at the airport!

► Your helper anytime, in every way!


Take charge of your transportation today with the Aeroconnect app's simple transportation feature. We provide transportation in Bali, including car rental, airport transfers, and car pick-up and drop-off. We also provide Jogja transportation services such as car rental, pick-up and drop-off, airport transfer, and Jogja shuttle. Travel around this multicultural country in style with a Bali car rental or a Jogja car rental from the Aeroconnect app; we're here to make your journey enjoyable, easy, and comfortable!

► Your transportation shortcut!

You will save time that would otherwise be wasted on visa applications and lines by using the AeroConnect app. With our fast, convenient, and simple app, you won't have to leave your couch!

Download the Aeroconnect App now!

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